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Address Lane 7, Lao Thai Road, Sisattanak District, Vientiane P.O Box 7567, Laos

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Lao Hmong tea farmer Pa Xiong...he is explaining the tea planting nearby and processing.



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About Us

About us

Laos Natural Forest Teas -Laos is famous for hundred of years because of its high mountains, deep plush forests, pure spring water, and clean healthy environment. In this pure organic environment natural forest tea trees have grown for hundreds of years. In the 12 th Century AD…the natural teas from Laos were sent to the Chinese Imperial Court as “Tribute Tea” for many years. Now these same natural forest teas from northern Laos are available to tea consumers from Asian Natural Products or Lao Teas and Natural Products. This company selects and purchases high quality green and black teas from mountain areas nearby to Yunnan Province of China. The company purchases teas processed by local poor minority farmers at mountains 900-1400 meters high. The tea is from natural forest tea trees and the soil and product is pure and organic. Our company provides fair prices to farmers, trains farmers including women on quality tea cultivation and processing methods. We also provide basic school books on literacy and numeracy to local village schools and provide teacher training for our corporate social responsibility. Our tea prices are reasonable and the taste of the teas is superior and natural.

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